About Us

The company produces it’s pesticide formulations at the factory "Agro-Chemi Kft", Hungary. The factory produces materials for companies “Arysta LifeScience” and a few more companies, synthesizes active ingredient Dadim for the Belgian company. Each company has it’s own receipts and requirements for the production produced. For company “Berluga receipt has been developed by the Italian specialists from “Lamberti” and “Rhodia” jointly with the chemists from “Berluga”. For the production of plants protective formulations “Berluga” acquires active ingredients in China and India, and other components in Italy (firm “Lamberti” and “Rhodia”), Belgium, Germany.

Enterprise "Agro-Chemi Kft" is located in Shellye town on the south-west of Hungary and occupies 5 hectare area. It is equipped with all necessary energy and technological subdivisions. Four productive lines operate there:

- Production of fungicides of suspensions formulation (from 3 to 16 tons per day, depending on concentration);

- Production of other formulation of fungicides (24 tons per day);

- Productions of herbicides (24 tons per day);

- Productions of insecticides (24 tons per day). 123


The factory has four automatic packing lines with plugging of caps, making labels and marking. The factory is equipped with store-house of 2500 sq. m for ready-made products. The pesticide formulations are sold in the countries of Central and East Europe. The enterprise refers to the category of ecologically safe according to the norms of the European Union, therefore the components bought and formulations produced are subject to obligatory verification in the laboratory of the factory and in the state laboratory of “VSBT “(Budapest).